"These are the best pictures I've ever had taken in my life. Lauren was fun, professional and the final products were absolutely beautiful."


- Alexandra

I get it. We're our own worst critics. But we look most beautiful when we feel beautiful so I gotchu girl- I'll show you the back of the camera along the way and will get rid of any shots you're not into.

Aren't afraid to believe they're beautiful.

MY girls...

I want to capture your smiles, laughs and warm nature of course, BUT ALSO what makes you fierce. We're layered, after all. And all of them are beautiful.

Are a little bit leather and a little bit lace.

MY girls

I pride myself on creating sessions so laid back they feel more like friends hanging out. They inevitably always start with "I'm so awkward!" but by the end you're GiGi Hadid.

Aren't too cool to let loose and have fun.

MY girls

A great look is the beginning of a confident session

I now offer dresses to borrow from my client closet, exclusive only to my girls. And it's complimentary! Let 's play dress up.

 I believe

Your photos do not belong on your phone.

 I believe

Frames, books, stuck to the fridge...
lots of ways to surround yourself with the faces you love. Print those babies out!

In celebrating everything.

I've had clients celebrating getting married, getting divorced, turning 50, turning 21, starting a business, or just feeling fabulous! We never need a reason to dress up and take pictures. 

 I believe

What's your session style?

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Are you more leather or lace? Bohemian or glam? Take this quick quiz to point you in the direction of what kind of session will suit you best! Then let's get planning.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” ― Rachel Zoe

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Even though it's totally trying to be TikTok, Instagram is the app I hang out most on. If you're into pretty pictures of badass babes and peeking behind the curtain, I'd love to connect with you over there! 


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