"These are the best pictures I've ever had taken in my life. Lauren was fun, professional and the final products were absolutely beautiful."


- Alexandra

Get ready to shake it like a polaroid picture.

new vibe who dis

This is for high school seniors, college seniors, grandma seniors, busy mothers, expectant mothers, new brides, bride-to-be's, cancer survivors, weight-loss achievers, body positivity warriors, and just becausers.
It's because you got the job, haven't had photos taken in forever, are documenting a milestone, are making an ex regret losing you, are starting a blog, creating an online dating profile, are surprising your partner with them, or keeping them for yourself.
    No reason necessary.

I get it. We're our own worst critics. But we look most beautiful when we feel beautiful so I gotchu girl- I'll show you the back of the camera along the way and will get rid of any shots you're not into.

Aren't afraid to believe they're beautiful.

MY dream clients

I want to capture your smiles, laughs and warm nature of course, BUT ALSO what makes you fierce. We're layered, after all. And all of them are beautiful.

Are a little bit leather and a little bit lace.

MY dream clients

I pride myself on creating sessions so laid back they feel more like friends hanging out. They inevitably always start with "I'm so awkward!" but by the end you're GiGi Hadid.

Aren't too cool to let loose and have fun.

MY dream clients



By The




number of times i've redecorated my office


years i've been a photographer, 2 of them fulltime


plants currently alive in my home #fingerscrossed


how many playlists I have on spotify, with OVER 1,800 songs


here's how it works

01. Reach out

Click the Inquire tab to get in touch and I'll get back to you with answers to any questions you have or about moving forward with planning.

02. Let’s Plan

During the planning process I'll help with styling, guiding location choice, send you a Welcome Guide with what to expect during your experience, and a questionnaire to help me best execute what you're envisioning.

03. We Shoot

The day of, we will meet at our chosen location when the sun is in its dreamiest, most flattering position. We'll talk, laugh, pose, dance, and have fun. Sessions with me are always laid back and low-pressure.

04. Follow Up

Afterward I grab an iced coffee and head right home to import and back up your images. I text you sneak peeks as I edit and email over your completed gallery within two weeks. Woo hoo!
Then I send a snail mail Thank You, cause I'm a sucker for pen to paper.


Companies that send too many emails are annoying.
That's why this list is just for pretty stock freebies, photography tricks and other stuff you'll actually want to receive, on a seldom basis.

take better pHOTOS like, yesterday

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