Beauty has no checklist. Doves are pretty but so are hummingbirds and they look nothing alike.

This is for high school seniors, college seniors, grandma seniors, busy mothers, expectant mothers, new brides, bride-to-be's, cancer survivors, weight-loss achievers, body positivity warriors, and just becausers. 
It's because you got the job, haven't had photos taken in forever, are documenting a milestone, are making an ex regret losing you, are starting a blog, creating an online dating profile, are surprising your partner with them, or keeping them for yourself.
No reason necessary.

Lauren makes you feel so comfortable when she is shooting you. I loved how creative she was with her tools, and that we were able to play and be silly together and end up with some super stellar shots!

"Really original and not like others you see everywhere else."


Lauren took the most gorgeous maternity photos that we will cherish forever. Her warm nature made for such a pleasant session. She made it so easy to feel comfortable.

“Seamless and professional.”

reneé + wayne

I love how fluid my senior session was and how Lauren let my vision flouish while having hers as the life jacket! ALL the pictures came out so amazing, I truly can't wait to shoot with her again.

“Working with Lauren has been my favorite shoot so far!”


Lauren was so easy to work with. She was super friendly and made me feel really comfortable, which made me look amazing on camera. I refer all my friends to her now.

“...even better than I could have imagined and made a new friend along the way.”


I love Lauren! I've come to her twice now and refer my friends. She is so much fun to shoot with and makes you feel completely comfortable. Her skills plus your personal style equals BOOM! Magic. Can't wait to work with her again.

"Her skill plus your personal style equals BOOM! Magic."


She made me feel like a supermodel while making the session so comfortable and fun. The way she plays with light while cheering you on is next level. I love her energy, her passion and insane eye for capturing beauty. 

"Lauren is such a force!"


Lauren is the best! She always captures such beautiful photos, I have so many that she's taken that I will cherish forever.

"She always makes me feel beautiful."


These were sooo unexpected and so insanely perfect! In love doesn't even cover it!!!

"I've never been more blown away when getting photos back!"



are in 

For me, photographing all kinds of women in ways we only ever see models, redefines what we see as glamorous.

All collections include on-location shooting time, edited digital images, a personal online gallery from which to view and download your images, printing rights, and optional dress rental. Get ready for flame emojis under all your new photos 🔥



60 minute shooting time
35 edited digital images 
1 outfit/look
1 location

Lots of time for those sunny and sunset shots!
Great for those who need images for announcements, or just want to document life.

$499 + tax.
$100 retainer due at booking.
Total amount split into 3 payments

collection one


90+ minute shooting time
50+ edited digital images (whole gallery unlocked)
2 outfits/looks
2 locations

For those who want more time to get creative or add some flash photography at dusk ✨
Also great for brands and bloggers.

$599 + tax.
$100 retainer due at booking.
Total amount split into 3 payments


90 minute shooting time
50+ edited digital images each
2 outfits/looks each
2 locations

All the perks of collection two, while saving $200 by combining your sesh with a bestie. Both solo and BFF shots 🥂

$999 + tax.
$100 retainer due at booking from each participant
Total amount split into 3 payments

collection three- BFF

collection two

Frequently Asked Questions

My primary focus is solo female portraiture, my specialty being seniors, maternity and self-love sessions. I don't do family sessions unless otherwise advertised on my social medias (sometimes I do family minis around the holidays.) If you are in need of some great photographers who specialize in family sessions, I have some to recommend!  
Tanja Marie Photography
Nicolette Dudek Photography
Nicole Walker Photography

Definitely! I encourage it, especially for seniors, as it helps encourage laughter and ease nerves. And if your friend wants to get in front of the camera too, I offer a $100 discount for each participant when friends combine their sessions in a group shoot!
More fun, less cost!

I do not shoot events of any kind since that's a whole different set of skills (and equipment) best suited for photographers who specialize in them. Congratulations though! 🎉

We'll shoot when the sun is at its most flattering, a time about 90 minutes before sunset known as "golden hour."  There is no light source more beautiful than the setting sun! Because of this, you'll want to pick a date that allows adequate time to get ready, drive time to location, and 90 minutes of shooting up to sunset.

My turnaround time is within two weeks but I almost always deliver much sooner than that because I get excited to edit and have no self-control to make myself stop 😜
(work/life balance, who's she?) 

“It’s one thing to take a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to take a portrait of who they are.” – Paul Caponigro

here's how it works

01. Reach out

Click the Inquire tab to get in touch and I'll get back to you with answers to any questions you have or about moving forward with planning.

02. Let’s Plan

During the planning process I'll help with styling, guiding location choice, send you info on what to expect during your experience, and a questionnaire to help me tailor the session to what you're envisioning.

03. Shooting Day!

The day of, we will meet at our chosen location when the sun is in its dreamiest, most flattering position: about 60-90 minutes before sunset. We'll talk, laugh, pose, dance, and have fun. Sessions with me are always laid back and low-pressure.

04. Follow Up

Afterward I grab dinner and head home to import and back up your images. I send you sneak peeks as I edit and email over your completed gallery within 1-2 weeks! (But usually sooner, I get excited and don't know how to stop lol.


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amount i paid for my first camera: a plastic fuji disposable at the age of twelve






Even though it's totally trying to be TikTok, Instagram is the app I hang out most on. If you're into pretty pictures of badass babes and peeking behind the curtain, I'd love to connect with you over there! 


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