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Your calling is calling…

Do you ever wonder why so few people are doing what they went to college for, as their job?

Because at the ripe old age of 18 we’re told to choose a path, and invest a shit ton of money in it. Hope you choose wisely! Or have fun paying down law school while you work as a bartender.

WHAT IF… we’re overthinking all of this?

What if your path will find you? What if it already has?

Okay so hear me out- everyone has special talents. It’s true! I know you’re probably sitting there thinking “not me, I’m not creative at all” since for whatever reason most grown ups tend to think they’re not creative. Okay fine, then maybe you can cook really well. Maybe you can scrub a bathtub like no one’s ever used it. Maybe you catch spelling and grammatical errors in all your friends’ Facebook posts. Maybe you have a way with animals. None of those skills I mentioned are rooted in creativity, but they’re all skills that could be leveraged into really fulfilling companies / jobs.

If you were to ask your friends to name 3 things they know to be true about you, and it doesn’t even need to be best friends, you could ask on social media even. But ask them to tell you 3 things that make them think of you, or 3 things you’re good at. Those are your things. Those are your answers to your calling.

I guess I’m saying when we are meant for something, it will tap us on the shoulder, whisper in our ear, show up in ways all around us that tell us its what we’re meant to be doing. But we have to listen and be open to the signs.


What are you meant to do?


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