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Most photogenic places to grab a drink in Phoenix

Whether you’re one of Arizona’s own or visiting from afar, if you appreciate eateries that put great effort into aesthetic and the visual experience, Phoenix (and Scottsdale) have some of the best. Below are some of my favorite places to visit. Don’t be afraid to whip out that camera or phone to snap some shots for the ‘gram… they’re used to it 🙂 I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Teaspressa (Arcadia Location)

I mean… that ceiling! There are a few Teaspressa locations but this one is my favorite. The owner was on SharkTank for the innovative way she brews tea like espresso. If you’re in town, you need to stop here!


The Scott Resort (Scottsdale)

The Scott is my favorite place to staycation! It has the prettiest grounds, the inside smells like Heaven and looks like an interior decorator’s dream. Awesome place to stay and sit to work when in town.


Canal Club (Scottsdale)

The Canal Club has superb drinks and delicious food (and I MEAN. Those booths!) My favorites are the Rum Diary and Seasonal Squash salad.  If I lived closer I would have lunch there everyday.


Diego Pops (Scottsdale)

Diego Pops is a Mexican restaurant with a super cute patio and the tastiest corn queso dip. How cute is this “TACOS” neon pink sign?! I think I need one for my kitchen. If you like creative margaritas, good Mexican and cute surroundings, stop at Diego Pops.


Hotel Adeline (Scottsdale- across the street from The Scott Resort)

The pool is a party spot in summers so the vibe is definitely more lively than across the street at The Scott which tends to be more chill and relaxed. The hotel is really well-decorated and has a cool, youthful vibe.


The Henry (44th st / Camelback)

The Henry is my favorite restaurant ever. The food is delicious, the building is beautiful and the whole vibe is just an elevated experience. I take all my out of town guests here. It’s a must when you’re in town!


The Montauk (Scottsdale)

This restaurant is a nod to the preppy New York town, it’s situated right around a bunch of Scottsdale’s coolest spots, so if you’re over there, stop in for a drink on the cool patio.


North Italia (40th street/Camelback location)

If you go to North Italia, you MUST order the zucchini chips appetizer! North Italia is part of Fox Restaurant Concepts, the company that oversees some of Arizona’s best eateries like The Henry, so you know it’s going to be top notch. I recommend the Tuscan Kale salad, add salmon.


Joyride Taco (Central Ave – Phoenix)

Besides having bomb tacos, the inside of Joyride is a throwback to the 70’s with their cool bar, wallpaper and seating. A cool place to visit if you like that era! Outside is a “Work hard and be nice to people” mural you must take a photo with.


Churn (Central- Phoenix)

This ice cream shoppe has the cutest old-fashioned vibe and tastiest treats. It’s connected to Windsor restaurant, which is also cool, so eat there then stop at Churn for dessert afterward. If you order marshmallow on your sundae, ask them to toast it with a blowtorch.


The Saguaro Hotel (Scottsdale)

If you love color, you need to visit The Saguaro Hotel! There is one in Palm Springs too, but we have our very own in Scottsdale that is a dream for artists and a great backdrop for colorful instagram grids.


Taco Guild (Phoenix)

Besides the super delicious tacos, the coolest thing about Taco Guild is that its building is an old converted church. Rumor has it it’s haunted and if you take photos inside you can sometimes catch a ghost on camera. Either way, super cool experience inside, visit if you like Tacos (and who doesn’t.)

Honorable Mentions:
Sprinkles Cupcakes (Scottsdale Rd.) There’s a pink cupcake ATM… need I say more?

Flower Child (Phoenix)- A health nut’s dream spot. Everything is fresh and healthy (and delicious.)

Sugar Bowl (Scottsdale)- The pink booths! This iconic place is super cute inside and has a 50’s diner vibe.

Scottsdale Fashion Square (Scottsdale)- The best mall in Arizona.

Federal Pizza (Phoenix)- Next to Joyride Taco, really good pizza!

Postinos (Phoenix)- Cool place for Bruschetta and wine


Anywhere I missed that you think I should check out? Let me know in a comment or on instagram!



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